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The most cost-efficient ways to heat your home

The most cost-efficient ways to heat your home
14 March 2023
The most cost-efficient ways to heat your home

As the cost of living crisis continues to pose a significant challenge to families throughout the UK, there’s no better time to consider the most efficient ways to heat your home. While everyone has a different idea about what is likely to save money and is willing to try different options, it can become quite overwhelming. Here are some tips that will help you to heat your home efficiently.



What’s the cheapest way to heat your home? 

According to research by The Eco Experts, the cheapest way to heat your home is with a gas boiler and solar thermal panels. In contrast, the most expensive way to heat your home is through the use of a ground source heat pump, which costs families more than two times as much over a ten-year period. But if you don’t have the money available to invest in a new boiler and solar thermal system, what else can you try in order to reduce your heating bills? Here are some options.


Log burner 

By using a log burner instead of traditional gas or electric heating systems, you can cut your home’s heating bill by 10%, and the savings made by using a log burner is likely to increase if energy prices continue to rise.

Remain mindful when selecting your logs, however. Kiln-dried firewood is efficient and safer than other woods, as it’s been sustainably sourced and dried to a moisture content of 20% or less, making it long-lasting compared to untreated wood. You can order kiln-dried firewood in bulk at discounted rates, so you have wood stored for when you need it.


Multi-fuel burners

These versatile appliances offer a valuable alternative to log burners. Multi-fuel burners, as you would’ve guessed from the name, burn multiple types of fuel that make it an attractive consideration.

Assuming there are no restrictions within your area (e.g. Smoke Control Areas), you can put most solid fuels in your multi-fuel burner, including smokeless briquettes, kiln-dried wood and heat logs, creating a high-energy heat source for your home that can be banked overnight. Because smokeless solid fuel produces more heat per kilogram than wood, it’s a wonderfully cost-efficient option for your multi-fuel burner.

Compare the smokeless coal options that Homefire can offer to start saving money today.


Draught-proofing and insulation 

Draught-proofing your windows and doors can save you approximately £60 per year, but importantly it keeps the warmth in your home. While this doesn’t heat your home per se, it’s a step that will make your chosen source of heating much more energy efficient.



Recap: The most efficient way to heat your home 

Installing a multi-fuel burner is an excellent way to save cash thanks to its high energy output, reducing your dependence on central heating systems. Find out more about how our energy-efficient sources of fuel can help you heat your home throughout winter.

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