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Get on like a house on fire with our heat log selection

Get on like a house on fire with our heat log selection
8 February 2023
Get on like a house on fire with our heat log selection

With Valentines Day just around the corner, what better way to top off a date with that special someone than to snuggle up next to a roaring fire in this cold weather? We will show you the best ways to prepare an open fire that can be used all year round and the benefits of lighting a fire around this time of year with our selection of heat logs.

Creating the perfect temperature

Even though using an open fire to heat your home may seem archaic these days, they actually can provide a more ambient temperature for your living room than you would initially think. In comparison to central heating, it creates a more natural heat which is easier to acclimatise too as well. 


Good for your health

Sitting in front of an open fire has proven health benefits. The crackling of a fire has proven relaxing benefits which can help reduce blood pressure. There has been a study on the iconic crackling noise from fires on our blood pressure and it shows that the longer participants were listening and looking at the fire, the more their blood pressure reduced. Having these benefits linked to a fire, it is only natural that you will be able to feel more relaxed and calm when snuggling up to that special someone around this time of year.


Economical benefits

When buying any item from our heat log selection, you are not only looking after the heating within your house, you’re also looking after your wallet too. With reasonable prices on wood that can help you stock up for the dying embers of the colder months, you will feel the benefits in a number of ways. With our Shimada heat logs, they are high energy and are ultra dry, helping you burn the wood for longer which provides you with a more sustained fire for longer and helping you buy wood less frequently. Clean logs with no added chemicals or additives, meaning that you can feel safe next to the fire and in the knowledge that these logs aren’t letting out any extra harmful chemicals. 


Need to stock up?

From helping you save money by purchasing wood that burns efficiently, to the cozy ambience of a burning fire and a reduced environmental impact, you won’t regret lighting a fire towards the end of the winter. Discover Homefire’s selection of heat logs, for a sustainable long-lasting burn.

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