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What can Anthracite Users expect when they switch into a Homefire Manufactured Ovoid?

+/- Attribute

The Differences

What this means



Ash Level

The Ash level is slightly higher, but more importantly, the ash is different, being much lighter.

Lighter Ash reaches parts of the appliance that heavier, more granular Anthracite Ash just cannot get to

Users may need to adopt a more detailed cleaning schedule depending on the appliance to ensure airways remain clear and performance is maintained.


Fire Lighting

Slightly Easier / Same 

Made easier by the consistent shape of a Homefire Ovoid.

Use plenty of air and kindling, then experiment to find the best solution.

+ Fire life

It should be longer, with better fire.  Ash helps increase fire life.

Higher Heat Output and Longer Firelife mean that users will start to use less Homefire manufactured fuel, leading to savings in their heating bills.


Heat Output

Higher - more sustained, with a more extended peak

Higher Heat Output and Longer Firelife mean that users will start to use less Homefire manufactured fuel, leading to savings in their heating bills.  
+ Slumbering

Homefire ovoids will slumber & recover well but need to get set up correctly to work successfully.

Advice is to run the fire hard before and after slumbering.  Refuel, open vents to burn the fuel for 20-30 minutes depending on the appliance, then close the vents down.  Repeat in the morning to recover the fire

O Sulphur

Within legal limits at less than 2%.

Authorised for use in Smokeless Zones

+ Shape

Homefire ovoids are a consistent, uniform shape

Pack together into a nice tight firebed, helping to increase heat output and fire life 


Calorific Value

The calorific Value (CV) of Anthracite can be anywhere from 29,000 to 33,000 CV, depending on the seam it comes from. 

Phurnacite, for example, is consistently in the region of 32,500 CV.

+ Environment

Homefire Ovoids are manufactured using up to 15% renewable material

Lower net emissions of Green House Gases when burning

+ Cost

Higher heat & longer fire life mean that over time will use fewer Homefire ovoids for the same heat output.

Better Value for Money & Lower heating bills



8 +


Homefire Ovoids last longer and with a higher heat output than Anthracite but have slightly higher ash.

Users will likely notice differences, which may require changes to the usual fueling practice.

If prepared to experiment and follow the advice given, users will end up with a high-performing fuel that will save them money in the long run.

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