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Why Buy Smokeless Coal?

Have you switched to smokeless coal yet? There are plenty of reasons to burn smoke free coal, and we’ve listed some of them below...


Smokeless Coal performs better

Smokeless coals provide a consistently higher heat than house coal, and can last up to 40% longer. As you need much less smokeless coal to heat your house, it works out at a similar price to house coal, even though the single bag price is more.

Smokeless Coal is better for you and the environment

Smokeless coal was developed in the 1940's and 50's to tackle the problem of air pollution from the burning of smoky coal, leading to health issues including the premature deaths of thousands of people in the UK every year.  A problem that still persists today.  Smokeless coals emit up to 80% less smoke than smoky house coals and are the only solid fuels that can be burnt in smokeless zones.  In addition, the latest generation of smokeless coals from CPL, include an element of renewable material meaning they emit less Carbon Dioxide - the Green House Gas responsible for Global Warming.  In the case of Ecoal50 (with 50% renewable content) the Carbon Dioxide emissions are up to 40% less than house coal.

Smokeless Coal has significantly reduced CO2 emissions


Smokeless Coal is constantly improving

Technological advances mean that smokeless coals are now more efficient and cost effective than ever, but we’re still improving them wherever we can. We’ve also added renewable content to our smokeless coal briquettes which makes them friendlier to the environment, without compromising their performance.


Smokeless Coal has multiple uses

Unlike house coal, smokeless coal is suitable for a number of different appliances. The UK's favourite for over 45 years - Homefire - is ideal for use on both open fires and glass fronted stoves, due to its great heating performance and attractive flame.  If its controllable heat you are after for use in a solid fuel cooker, boiler or roomheater then we recommend Phurnacite, which burns with an intense glowing flame for simply hours on end.


Smokeless Fuel Zones

There are a number of smoke control areas in the UK where it is against the law to burn smoky coal. All of the smokeless coal briquettes available on Coals2U have been authorised by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Areas) as suitable for use in these areas.