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What are ACMS and HETAS?

Approved coal merchant

What is the ACMS? is a trading name of CPL Distribution Ltd, who is a member of the ACMS (which stands for Approved Coal Merchant Scheme)  All ACMS approved coal merchants follow a Consumer Charter.

The charter is a guarantee of the standards and service to the consumer in the distribution of solid fuels.

  1. Supply only coal and smokeless fuel correctly described, prepared and delivered in a proper manor
  2. Advise customers which fuels are suitable for use in their appliance and comply with Clean Air Legislation
  3. Ensure that complaints will be investigated promptly and resolved to mutual satisfaction
  4. Give priority to orders notified as urgent on account of illness, old age or infirmity
  5. Provide a detailed price list
  6. Be insured against Public and Products Liability
  7. Abide by the Coal Trade Code

Buy your fuel from ACMS members to protect yourself against inferior products and poor customer service.

What is HETAS?

HETAS is the official body recognised by government to approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services. It's work in approving products covers boilers, cookers, open fires, stoves and room heaters. It also lists in its Official Guide, factory made chimneys, carbon monoxide detectors and alarms suitable for use with solid fuel.

HETAS approved

 Why use a HETAS Registered installer?

Use a HETAS Registered installer because: All registered installers are trained and assessed as competent.

  • HETAS is the ONLY competent persons scheme specialising in solid fuels and wood biomass
  • The HETAS scheme covers the range of installation work that an installer may be involved with e.g. dry appliances, appliances with boilers, solid mineral, wood and wood biomass, re-lining of chimneys, hot water and heating systems
  • HETAS provide technical and regulatory support to our registrants
  • HETAS publish lists of approved appliances, fuels and equipment to help you the consumer, our installers, designers and specifiers in choosing an installation to suit your needs, whilst complying with Building Regulations and safety standards.
  • We also make available lists of installers, chimney sweeps, flue specialists and maintenance companies to enable you to maintain your installation safely into the future.
  • In the rare event that there are complaints about matters of safety or compliance with Building Regulations, consumers can make a complaint to HETAS and we will do our best to help resolve the problem by working with everyone to promote a fair and equitable outcome. HETAS working with you for peace of mind.

For further information on HETAS and the full guide to appliances, fuels and services please click here.

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