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Firewood Logs - Dumpy Bag (1m3)

  • Softwood Logs - Dumpy Bag (1m3)
  • Softwood Logs - Dumpy Bag (1m3)
Softwood Logs - Dumpy Bag (1m3)
Softwood Logs - Dumpy Bag (1m3)

This product is the firewood equivalent of Forest Gump's box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get.  Each year we produce over one million nets of logs and during the chopping process we produce offcuts that are simply too big, too small, too long or too short to fit in the net.  Despite this it can still make great firewood, so we chuck it into dumpy bags and sell it to you like this at super low prices.

These logs are a great low cost option and best suited for burning on an open fire, wood burner or multi-fuel stove. Although you can burn these logs immediately, it is recommended that they are given adequate time to dry out in a log store before being burnt.

When dry, these firewood logs are easy to light and produce plenty of heat. These firewood logs are supplied in a dumpy bag on a wooden pallet, which will be delivered to your kerbside within 7-10 days. You can even use the wooden pallet as extra firewood and kindling!

This is FSC certified firewood which means that the trees chopped down to make it are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally. 

Why Buy from Us?

• We don’t just sell smokeless coal, we make it too – ever since the 1940’s
• Delivered our first bag of coal in 1731
• Widest range of the highest quality products on the market
• Continuously developing new and innovative products
• HETAS approved solid fuel products
• Clean, tidy, and prompt deliveries direct to your coal bunker or store
• Friendly and helpful drivers
• Helpful advice and support from knowledgeable staff
• Reliable and consistent service standards
• Member of the Approved Coal Merchants Scheme

Standard delivery is 5-7 working days during the summer months, unless otherwise stated within the product description.

Deliveries are all day weekdays.

We will do our best to follow any delivery instructions supplied at the time of placing the order. However, our delivery service (for all products) is to kerbside only.

Delivery to anywhere else on the property is at the discretion of the driver making the delivery.

50kg Open Sack deliveries will be tipped into a suitable bunker or coal shed. Please note that if you wish your fuel to be left in bags then you should order Prepacked Bags of fuel and not 50kg Open Sacks. 

Product supplied in dumpy bags or on pallets will be delivered to the nearest suitable point on your property, which may be the kerbside. This is because these products are delivered on a pallet using a tail lift vehicle and a pallet truck and due to their size and weight cannot be maneuvered up or down inclines, or over uneven surfaces such as gravel driveways. Once delivered to kerbside it is your responsibility to move the product to where you need it and dispose of the pallet and any other packaging.

Please read our full Terms & Conditions before placing an order.

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DateScoreCustomer Comment

Haven't burnt any of it yet, but it looks as if it will be good for next winter, after a summer under the store. Would have preferred a higher proportion of bigger ones to split, but ok overall.




Good mixed bag of part seasoned logs.


Some cuts are judge too big for my fire

4 reviews 25% Feefo