Homefire Smokeless Coal - 25kg

  • Homefire Smokeless Coal - 25kg prepacked
  • Homefire - 25kg prepacked
  • Homefire Burning Fireplace
Homefire Smokeless Coal - 25kg prepacked
Homefire - 25kg prepacked
Homefire Burning Fireplace

Homefire has been the nation's choice of smokeless fuel for over 45 years. That's because Homefire has earned its reputation as the best performing smokeless coal we make. It burns with an attractive flame, has excellent heat output - giving out over 30% more heat than house coal, and easily lasts through the night to give you a warm and cosy room the next morning.  But don't just take our word for it - 99% of customers who have reviewed Homefire rate it as either good or excellent. 

Homefire is authorised for use in all smokeless zones and is HETAS approved meaning it is safe and fit for use.

It is better for the environment too - emitting up to 80% less smoke and 25% less Carbon Dioxide than house coal.

Whilst Homefire will work on all solid fuel appliances, its larger, hexagonal shape means it works best on open fires and multi-fuel stoves where you want a balance of good performance and attractive flame. 

Made in the UK

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Multi Fuel Stoves, Open Fires 25%

Why Buy from Us?

• We don’t just sell smokeless coal, we make it too – ever since the 1940’s
• Royal Warrant holders since 1897
• Delivered our first bag of coal in 1731
• Widest range of the highest quality products on the market
• Continuously developing new and innovative products
• HETAS approved solid fuel products
• Clean, tidy, and prompt deliveries direct to your coal bunker or store
• Friendly and helpful drivers
• Helpful advice and support from knowledgeable staff
• Reliable and consistent service standards
• Member of the Approved Coal Merchants Scheme

Standard delivery is within 5-7 working days unless otherwise stated within the product description.

Deliveries are all day weekdays.

We will do our best to follow any delivery instructions supplied at the time of placing the order. However, our delivery service (for all products) is to kerbside only.

Delivery to anywhere else on the property is at the discretion of the driver making the delivery.

50kg Open Sack deliveries will be tipped into a suitable bunker or coal shed. Please note that if you wish your fuel to be left in bags then you should order Prepacked Bags of fuel and not 50kg Open Sacks. 

Product supplied in dumpy bags or on pallets will be delivered to the nearest suitable point on your property, which may be the kerbside. This is because these products are delivered on a pallet using a tail lift vehicle and a pallet truck and due to their size and weight cannot be maneuvered up or down inclines, or over uneven surfaces such as gravel driveways. Once delivered to kerbside it is your responsibility to move the product to where you need it and dispose of the pallet and any other packaging.

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Feedback for Homefire - 25kg prepacked has been compiled from 363 customer reviews

DateScoreCustomer Comment

Good fuel, easy to light, plenty of heat & slow burning.


Always use this smokeless coal


This provides a good heat over a reasonable period. On low setting of the stove, the coal will last all night and often can be used as the tinder for a refill in the morning.


Thanks. Great customer service


Excellent heat , liitle fumes. Happy me!


Suits our open fire, easy to use


Effective fuel burning type, good heat content, easy to light.


this is brilliant, great heat, great flame, long burn, perfect on my open fire good value for money.


Suitable for home fires without smoke


Gives out lots of heat and produces a lot less ash than some of the other fuels I have used. These bigger cobs allow more air around the fuel so it burns better. Sometimes I could cook a meal on top of the stove!


Quality of the coal is not as good as it used to be, but it's still acceptable.


It gives me what I want, without dust or difficulty


Well shaped coal for stacking and airflow, and burns well, holding the heat for a good while.


I always use this smokeless fuel.




Very good, slow burning with a lot of heat


Larger coals give longer burning which is excellent. May prefer 20kg bags for easier handling


Burns well with a good heat, not that much ash and lasts well also.


Very long burning fuel, which burns into a very fine ash.



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