CPL 8 Heat Logs - 132 pack Pallet

CPL Heat Logs are ultra dry, high energy and sold in the pack of 8. They are also Ready to Burn certified which means each log has less than 20% moisture content. 
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CPL Heat Logs - 132 pack Full Pallet

  • 8 heat logs per pack
  • Ultra dry, high energy heat logs
  • Ready to Burn certified
  • Less than 20% moisture content
More Information
Ash Content Very Low
Moisture Content Certified less than 20 percent
Smokeless No
Smoke Emissions Less than 10g per hour
CO2 Saving 100 Percent
Ready to Burn Yes
Instant Light No
FSC® Certified No
Manufactured Yes
Species Mixed
Appliance Multi Fuel Stoves, Open Fires, Chimeneas, Room Heater, Wood Burner
SKU 393500102
Delivery Option Pallet

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