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Trade Enquiries

CPL supply multi-site retailers and small independents across the UK with an all year round offering of coal, smokeless fuels, charcoals and related items. The majority of the brands that we distribute are nationally recognised and seen as the market leaders.

For more information on our products and for prices please contact our Commercial Team on:

Our range of products are divided into seasonal offerings in line with customer buying habits:

CPL Solid Fuels

Winter - Solid Fuels Including Coal, Smokeless Coal & Firewood

  • CPL manufactured smokeless fuels (UK's best sellers)
  • A full range of fuels to match every price point, including our reduced CO2 manufactured house coal, our category leading Homefire and our revolutionary Ecoal50.
  • FSC certified wood products including Real Wood Logs and Supapak Kindling.
  • New compressed oak logs for braziers and open fires.
  • Homefire Fuels - our most successful solid fuel brand family of products.
  • A focused range of 'add ons' to compliment the core range including firelighters and paraffin.
  • Coal and Log storage solutions are also available.

Garden Products

Spring - Garden Products

Garden products for the discerning gardener including composts, manure, bark and grow bags from nationally recognised brands:

  • Levington
  • Pro-Grow
  • Rolawn

Supagrill Range of Products

Summer - Supagrill Lumpwood Charcoal and Briquettes 

  • Supagrill BBQ Charcoal
  • Quality Lumpwood Charcoal in 3kg, 5kg and 10kg bags
  • Instant Light 2 x 1kg Lumpwood for the growth in demand for 'convenience' products
  • Briquette Charcoal in 5kg bags
  • Restaurant Grade Charcoal
  • Barbecue Firelighters and Lighting Fluid

Traditional Coal Tar Creosote - The Original and Best Wood Preservative

  • CPL is one of the few UK Creosote Suppliers to businesses.
  • For over 150 years Creosote has been used to preserve wood. Everywhere you look you will see railways, bridges, telegraph poles and buildings that are living proof of its effectiveness.
  • That's because unlike other water-based products on the market, Wood Creosote penetrates deeply to protect against insects and fungi. Oil based Creosote prevents timber from drying out and splitting as well as providing protection from the weather.
  • Being organic in nature as well as ultimately biodegradable it is as natural as the wood it preserves.
  • Once dried (usually after 48 hours) it is completely safe and is therefore ideal to use around animals and plants.
  • Please note Creosote is not available for sale to the general public, as its use is restricted to professional tradespeople.

To find out more about our commercial sales and marketing solutions please contact our Commercial Team on 01623 860 228 or email on

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