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Coal Delivery High Wycombe

Looking for smokeless fuel or house coal delivery in High Wycombe?

Coals2U deliver their industry leading solid fuels throughout High Wycombe at no extra cost. Choose from our huge range of smokeless coal, house coal, barbecue charcoal, firelighting accessories and more! We also offer a generous bulk coal discount, so it pays to stock up.

Try our handy fuel chooser to find the right fuel for your appliance. If you prefer to buy coal in bulk, see our fantastic bulk coal deals.

Homefire Firelighters - pack of 12
240 reviews 96% Feefo
als2U Kiln Dried Logs Birch - Large Crate
Special Price
33 reviews 100% Feefo
Bulk buy
Special Price
7 reviews 100% Feefo
Galvanised Coal Bunker - 10bag
8 reviews 88% Feefo
Ecoal50 Smokeless Coal - 25kg bag
Bulk buy
331 reviews 99% Feefo
Colombian House Coal DOUBLES - 25kg
Bulk buy
29 reviews 97% Feefo
Anthracite Grains - 25kg prepacked
Bulk buy
13 reviews 92% Feefo
Wildfire - 25kg prepacked
Bulk buy
242 reviews 99% Feefo
Traditional House Coal - 25kg prepacked
Bulk buy
247 reviews 96% Feefo
Taybrite Smokeless Coal - 25kg bag
Bulk buy
145 reviews 99% Feefo
Supagrill Charcoal Lighting Fluid - 1ltr
6 reviews 100% Feefo
Supagrill Barbecue Briquettes - 5kg
11 reviews 100% Feefo
 Seasoned Hardwood Logs - Handy Bag
40 reviews 98% Feefo
CPL Restaurant Grade Charcoal Bag
45 reviews 98% Feefo
Premium Traditional House Coal - 25kg prepacked
Bulk buy
72 reviews 96% Feefo
Premium Plus House Coal TREBLES - 25kg
Bulk buy
44 reviews 95% Feefo
Phurnacite Smokeless Coal - 25kg prepacked
Bulk buy
83 reviews 98% Feefo
Homefire Supapak Kindling
326 reviews 98% Feefo
CPL Real Wood Log Net
35 reviews 94% Feefo
Homefire Ovals - 25kg prepacked
Bulk buy
503 reviews 99% Feefo
Homefire Instant Light Fire Log x 10
17 reviews 94% Feefo