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Coal Bunker Guide

When solid fuel was used by the majority of the UK decades ago you’d see a coal bunker in almost every back garden. The local coal man would then arrive and fill up the coal bunker, so that all the homeowner needed to do was take the necessary fuel from their bunker to their fireplace.
Although the use of solid fuel may have decreased over the years, there is still a need for coal bunkers and these days they come in different materials (as opposed to the traditional concrete ones). Now solid fuel burners have the choice between plastic coal bunkers and galvanised coal bunkers. They are available in different sizes and provide the perfect home for your fireside fuel.

Plastic Coal Bunker

Available in either green or black, a Plastic Coal Bunker will give you durability and longevity. Your fuel will be kept safely out of harm’s way in your fuel bunker until you need it. As it is plastic it can blend in nicely with the rest of your garden whilst providing a sturdy home for your fuel, salt or grit.
Plastic coal bunkers are available in either 300kg or 600kg sizes, depending on how much fuel you require. The unit arrives pre-assembled so it can slot nicely into your garden and you can begin filling it with fuel immediately.

Galvanised Coal Bunker

Galvanised Coal Bunkers can keep large amounts of coal in a dry environment. They are capable of withstanding even the worst weather conditions and will last for years. As it is manufactured using galvanised steel you can be assured that you are getting a solid fuel bunker for your coal.

Our Galvanised Coal Bunker arrived pre-assembled so you don’t need to worry about putting it together. You can simply begin stocking it with fuel as soon as it arrives. To make things easier, the bunker lid is hinged so you can fill it with your favourite fuels easily.

Whatever fuel bunker you choose, you need one that is going to keep your fuel safe and dry. Both Plastic Coal Bunkers and Galvanised Coal Bunkers fit the bill and give you the storage space needed to house your favourite coal and fuel products.

Plastic Coal Bunker (Green) - 6bag/300kg
5 reviews 100% Feefo
Plastic Coal Bunker (Black) - 6bag/300kg
1 review 100% Feefo
Galvanised Coal Bunker - 10bag
8 reviews 88% Feefo