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Why the perfect fire will transform your outside space

Why the perfect fire will transform your outside space

Going back hundreds of thousands of years, sitting around a fire discussing ideas and telling stories has been a source of constant social connections. While we may sometimes feel far away from those days, a fire pit can still stir up plenty of unique and enjoyable moments. If your outdoor space is missing a fire, here are some of our top reasons why the perfect fire pit will transform your garden.


A social space

There’s nothing like sitting around a fire alongside your best mates or family when the sun starts to set. Whether you’re hosting a bbq or have some old friends staying over, a powerful fire adds another depth to those memorable conversations. To make the most of your fire pit as a social space, we always suggest adding some comfy chairs and blankets. Not only will this keep you comfy, but you’ll feel extra warm when the sun goes down, allowing you to stay outdoors that bit longer. When the stars and moon come out, there’s nothing better than being present in the moment with your loved ones around the fire.


Comfy, cosy and relaxing

While a fire pit is a great social space, it isn’t only good for sending time with friends and family. During those evenings when you just need a moment or two to yourself, a fire pit can come in super handy. Pick out your favourite chair, light up the fire using our easy to light firelighters and wood fuel and enjoy some peaceful time to yourself. When you’ve had a difficult day at work or in the house, an excuse to get outdoors and breathe in some fresh hair will help to reset your mind. If you want to make things extra cosy and comfortable, bring out a good book and some comfy pillows and blankets - you’ve got yourself the perfect reading setting!


All year long

We’ve all been there - taking the time to make the garden look stunning during Summer, before avoiding your outdoor space because of the cold in Winter. With a fire pit, you’ll have a brilliant excuse for spending time outdoors in the garden, even when the temperature leaves a lot to be desired. While it can be difficult to light a fire during the snappy season, our Twizler Wood Wool Firelighters makes things super easy, thanks to a quick light and long burning time. On top of that, Kiln-Dried Firewood and Homefire Supapak Kindling will keep your fire powerful and intense for a longer period of time. Complete the set-up with plenty of comfy blankets and chairs and you’ll have the neighbours knocking on your door to enjoy the glorious warmth of your fire.


If you’re committing to building a fire pit, always make sure to buy the highest quality fuel to achieve the most powerful fire. Check out our wide collection of firewood and firelighters for a long-lasting, warming fire you can rely on.

24 September 2021

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