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The CPL Summer Savings have begun!

It’s almost summer, which means that we’ve got loads of special offers to help you prepare for winter! (There’s no such thing as being too prepared you know). Fans of our yearly summer sale will know that we significantly increase our volume discounts, so that the more you buy, the more you save, but this year, we’ve got a few other offers up our sleeves...


Save Up To £42 per Tonne on Solid Fuel

Between now and 31st August you can get up to £34 per tonne off your favourite CPL solid fuel, and if you place your order before the 3rd of June you can get an additional saving of £8 per tonne with our early bird offer.

Save up to £42 per tonne on Homefire, Homefire Ovals. Ecoal50, Phurnacite, Taybrite, Ancit, Stoveheat, Premium House Coal, and more!


Save up to £42 per tonne on Ecoal50 Smokeless Coal

Save up to £42 per tonne on Stoveheat Smokeless Coal

Save up to £42 per tonne on Homefire Smokeless Coal Highest Quality Colombian House Coal Huge Savings on Wildfire Coal
Ecoal50 Smokeless Coal Buy Now Stoveheat Smokeless Coal Buy Now Homefire Smokeless Coal Buy Now Colombian House Coal Buy Now


Early Bird Offer

Place your order before Tuesday 3rd June to get an additional £8 off per tonne! That’s up to £42 per tonne off any of your favourite solid fuels!


Save up to £50 on Logs

Complement your solid fuel with our high quality kiln dried and softwood logs. Kiln dried logs can be burnt immediately, while softwood logs are ideal for DIY seasoning throughout the summer, giving you a plentiful supply of dry firewood in time for winter.


Save £50 on Unseasoned Softwood Logs

Softwood Logs Nets x 80

Only £244

SAVE £50!!

Save £20 on Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Kiln Dried Logs Bags x 20

Only £200

SAVE £20!!

Softwood Log Nets Pallet Buy Now Kiln Dried Logs Pallet Buy Now


10% off Solid Fuel Storage Solutions

Need more space to store all of this great value fuel? You can get 10% off any of our high quality and hard wearing log stores or coal bunkers. If you’ve got the space you can stock up for the whole winter, saving you time, money, and hassle. Enter code S14 at the checkout to get 10% of any of our fantastic storage solutions!

Get 10% off with code S14 Get 10% off with code S14 Get 10% off with code S14 Get 10% off with code S14
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3 Great Reasons to Stock up Early...

  1. No need to rush – Stock up now to avoid the winter rush and any potential delays or shortages.
  2. Peace of mind – Your guaranteed and reliable fuel source will help keep you going throughout winter.
  3. Low prices and huge savings – Who can say no to great value fuel? Take advantage of our fantastic summer savings and save a tonne!