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How to Store Coal

Thankfully there are plenty of solutions for storing your coal indoors, outdoors, or wherever you have the space. When it comes to storing coal, sometimes it’s good to think outside the box... or the bunker!

How to store coal outside

Many people prefer to store their coal outdoors, especially when they need to keep a large supply. Here are a few ideas for storing your coal outside:

  • In a coal bunker. Coal bunkers placed around the back or sides of your house won’t interfere with the serenity of your garden. Coal bunkers provide the easiest storage option, constructed from materials like a hardy plastic or galvanised steel, they’re easy to assemble, hard wearing, and have a large capacity.
  • In a dustbin. Repurpose an old dustbin or wheelie bin in to your own no-cost coal bunker. If you’re using a plastic bin, you can even cut a hole at the base of the bin to let the coal pour through.
  • In a pile. Not the most attractive of options, but if you have the space, and don’t mind how it looks; you can pile a heap of coal outside. If you do store your coal in a pile, we would recommend keeping the height of the pile below that of a person.

How to store coal inside

It’s sometimes necessary to store coal inside, especially if you have little room outdoors, but it’s sometimes nice to keep a small supply of coal indoors anyway, to save you running in and out if you need to refuel your fire.

  • In a coal scuttle or bucket. Coal scuttles and buckets provide an easy and attractive way to store a small amount of coal indoors. Most models are also designed with a lip that allows you to more easily tip coal on to the fire. 
  • In a storage chest/basket. If you want to keep your coal close, but out of sight, repurpose an old storage chest or basket. They will normally allow for a large amount of coal, and can be painted or decorated to suit your living environment.
  • In the basement/cellar. Not many of us are blessed with the extra storage space of a cellar, but those who are will find that it’s a great place to store their coal. Plus, as it’s out of sight you don’t have to worry about getting it out of the bags!
  • Plastic tubs. If you’re on a budget, a simple large plastic tub will easily suffice as storage space for your coal. If yours is unsightly, just place it somewhere out of the way. For example, behind the sofa, in the kitchen, in the cellar, or under the stairs.

We’re always interested to know how our customers use and store their coal. Please let us know your tips and ideas in the comments below. We’d also love to see a few pictures!