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Introducing our new range of Next Generation Biomass Fuels

We’re very excited to announce that our brand new range of Next Generation Biomass Fuels are now on sale!

After feedback from our customers, we’ve developed a whole new family of high performing, eco-friendly fuels that have never before been seen in the UK.

These innovative products, which have been extensively tested and researched by CPL, offer the look and feel of burning firewood, with an enhanced heating performance much more like coal.

So now have you the best of both worlds! If you’re thinking of switching fuels or would just like to try something different, our Homefire Olive Briquettes and Homefire Torrefied Heat Logs are now on sale!

Homefire Olive Briquettes are 100% renewable and made up of 80% waste olive and 20% charcoal fines. The briquettes burn 40% hotter and last twice as long as hardwood kiln dried logs, but remain easy to light and give off an amazing flame picture. They come packed in strong 10kg raffia bags so they can also be also stored outside. Take a look at our YouTube channel and see how well Homefire Olive Briquettes burn.

Homefire Olive Briquettes

Homefire Torrefied Heat Logs are made from 100% virgin wood using a clean torrefaction process to create high energy logs which give off 25% more heat than hardwood kiln dried logs. The logs come shrink-wrapped in packs of five, have low ash content, and are easy to break so they can fit in all appliances. Watch how Torrefied Heat Logs burn by visiting our YouTube channel.

Torrefied Heat Logs

Both products are suitable for use on open fires, wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, closed appliances and chimeneas.

If you love burning firewood but would like a higher maximum heat and longer fire life, why not try these innovative new products.

And there’s plenty more products to come from our new family of Next Generation Biomass Fuels.

Just watch this space!