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Coals2U. Backing Quality Coal.

Selling coal is not quite as simple as it sounds.

There are good coals and bad coals. Hard coals and soft coals, dirty coals and clean coals!

We have a strict recruitment policy. We only take the best, and our primary mission is, as it has always been, to source the highest quality coals for you to burn in your home. Adding to our already huge and fantastic product range is not something we do lightly, but this year, a certain few coals have made the cut.

Colombian House CoalWe’ve been hearing amazing things about Colombian Coal for years, and are thrilled that we’re now able to provide it to our customers in Britain. Many of the qualities that you admire about our carefully manufactured and smokeless fuels are naturally present in coal from Colombia.

It’s lower in ash, moisture, and sulphur, which ensures not only a fantastic performance, but also a reduction in both ash, and pollutants! The most naturally superior coal we’ve ever encountered, Columbian House Coal is the stuff that legends are made of.Premium Plus House Coal

Our brand new Premium Plus House Coal comes from right here in Great Britain. The best performing coal that we’ve ever sourced from within England, Premium Plus Coal ignites quickly, burns with a significant heat, and produces the long and beautiful flames that we all love to see in our fireplace.

We aim for nothing short of excellence, which is why all of our solid fuels are rigorously and extensively tested by a team of experts before they make it in to a Coals2U bag.  We’re incredibly pleased with our new house coal ranges, and we’re sure that you will be too.

At Coals2U we care about your health, happiness, and your wallets, which is why we’re ‘Backing Quality Coal’, and ensuring that you’re able to buy the very best quality solid fuels at the very best prices.