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How to light your wood burning stove

Now that it’s autumn, with the changing season comes a drop in temperature. As the leaves start to fall, you may be thinking about warming your home and using your wood burning stove for the first time in many months. 

With this is mind, here’s some advice to light your wood burning stove in the most effective way possible. It may take a bit of practice but these tips from HETAS are a good guideline to follow.

  1. Fully open the primary air vent/control and airwash controls
  2. Place a firelighter or scrunched up newspaper together with some dry kindling wood on the grate. Light the firelighter or paper.
  3. Leave the door slightly ajar while the fire establishes and the glass warms up. This will help avoid condensation build up.
  4. Once the fire is going, add some larger pieces of wood. (Do not fill the chamber with logs)
  5. When the logs have caught fire and the fire is full established, close the door completely.
  6. Close the primary air control.
  7. Use the airwash to control the burn rate when the appliance is at operating temperature.
  8. Maintain the fire frequently with small amounts of additional fuel.

TOP TIP:  The most effective way for building the fire is to make a small stacked structure of wood by basically making a hashtag out of stacked kindling around a firelighter with one single log on the top, bark side down.