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What’s so great about Heat Logs?

Homefire Heat Logs are one of our most popular fuels. Read on to find out why...

Homefire Heat Logs - 10kg Bag

An incredibly versatile fuel, heat logs are ideal for use on not only open fires and multi-fuel stoves, but chimeneas and fire pits too. Heat logs are easy to light, burn with a glowing flame, and have a good heat output. The great performance of heat logs can be attributed to their very low moisture content. They don’t spark or spit, and produce very little ash. Heat logs also produce very little flue gas, so they’re better for your chimney than other fuels. What’s more, you can expect the same quality and performance from every heat log, as our careful manufacturing process ensures a consistent product every time.

There are so many ways to use heat logs that even if you don’t normally use them, they’re handy to keep around just in case. Though many customers burn heat logs alone as their primary heat source, many others use them to help start a fire, or to top up an existing fire made of smokeless fuel, coal, or logs.  Burning heat logs alongside other fuels helps keep the fire hot, and drive off any residual moisture from the other fuel.

Heat Logs are the greener alternative to fossil fuel – manufactured from 100% recycled wood which was otherwise destined for landfill sites. They’re also considered to be carbon neutral, as the carbon released when they’re burnt matches the carbon they absorbed during their time as a tree. By burning heat logs you’re also saving the recycled wood from which they’re manufactured ending up in a landfill site and producing methane, which is four times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide.

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