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Why Choosing a Log Burner to Heat Your Home is a Great Idea

Why Choosing a Log Burner to Heat Your Home is a Great Idea
22 April 2024
Why Choosing a Log Burner to Heat Your Home is a Great Idea

A log burner can form a magnificent centerpiece of any home. Many homeowners choose them for their beautiful aesthetic, however, there are additional benefits to installing such a device in your home.

If you are exploring the possibility of purchasing a log burner but want to know what benefits you expect to achieve and the environmental aspects regarding how they perform, then we invite you to read on. You’ll also discover why many households are choosing to opt for a wood-burning device in 2024.


Reduction in Heating Costs

One of the biggest benefits of opting for a wood-burning stove is that it can be a cost-effective way of heating your home. This has become more apparent in recent years with the cost of living crisis which has driven many homeowners to seek an alternative solution for warming their home aside from mains gas. 

What’s more, is that gas and electricity heating costs can be very unpredictable which makes owning a wood-burning device a great choice. Kiln-dried firewood and heat logs are a perfect fuel choice to use and can be bought in bulk which enables you to plan out your heating costs in advance with no hidden costs.


Adds a Stunning Aesthetic Feel to Your Home

In addition to providing a warm, cosy home, owning a wood-burning device has become popular over recent years because of their appealing appearance within the heart of the home. There is something wholesome about being around the sound of a real crackling fire which has also been found to improve people’s overall wellbeing. A wood burner also makes you’re home more welcoming and turns your house into a home. It's a win-win!

A Safe Way of Heating Your Home

As long as you follow the instructions that were given to you by the appliance’s manufacturer at the time of installation, it’s perfectly safe to use a log burner. We would advise that you use a device that is Ready To Burn certified to make sure the product is not only modern but safe enough for you to operate at home.

Whether a log burner is safe or not depends on several things, but one of these aspects is the person operating the appliance. Only an adult with some experience of operating a fire should do this.

Then there is the wood you plan to burn in the appliance which can determine whether it’s safe or not. As log burners are typically located indoors, you should never use wood that has not been dried to less than 20% moisture content in the appliance. Only wood that has been properly dried, like Homefire’s kiln-dried wood range, should be considered for use otherwise you risk the health of those nearby due to potential particulate matter exposure.

The appliance will need to be fitted by a trained professional who can connect the vent to the exterior wall correctly to make sure anything emitted is safely extracted from your home, protecting the respiratory health of those under your roof. 


Many producers make an effort to refine their appliances to make them as eco-friendly as possible, but a lot of the time it depends on the type of fuel you decide to use.

Your log burner could help to keep your house heating costs down as many could use less energy than mains gas. This can reduce your household bills and you can rest assured that kiln-dried wood from Homefire is sustainably sourced as part of our business practice.

A good rule of thumb is that the drier the wood you use, the less environmental damage that will be caused. Whichever type of log burner you have possession of, aim to use kiln-dried wood for green efforts. 

All of Homefire’s kiln-dried wood is Ready To Burn certified, attesting to its safe smoke levels and dry nature. Not only do we supply competitively priced products, but they are among the safest and most eco-friendly logs on the market. Explore our entire catalogue of products to find out more. 


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