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Best Coal For Open Fires

Looking for the best coal for open fires? At Coals2u we stock a wide range of coal based fuels to provide you with outstanding value and quality at all times. Whereas traditionally open coal fires were predominantly fuelled by ordinary house coal, developments in the modern market mean that you can now burn manufactured fuels that provide unrivalled fire performance and environmental benefits.

In terms of the best coal it's hard to look past our variety of smokeless fuels. For instance, Ecoal50 is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels ever produced as it is made from 50% renewable materials. This innovative new fuel manages to do so without compromising on performance, as it generates 38% more heat than ordinary house coal whilst producing 80% less smoke and 40% less C02. Other smokeless fuels suitable for open fires include Homefire Smokeless Coal and Homefire Ovals.

For fuel burners looking for a more traditional coal for open fires, then Homefire and Wildfire are both recommended due to their high heat outputs and longer burning times than ordinary house coal.

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Wildfire - 25kg prepacked
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245 reviews 99% Feefo
Traditional House Coal - 25kg prepacked
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250 reviews 96% Feefo
Premium Traditional House Coal - 25kg prepacked
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73 reviews 96% Feefo
Premium Plus House Coal TREBLES - 25kg
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44 reviews 95% Feefo
Homefire Smokeless Coal - 25kg prepacked
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363 reviews 99% Feefo
Homefire Ovals - 25kg prepacked
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505 reviews 99% Feefo
Ecoal50 Smokeless Coal - 25kg bag
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334 reviews 99% Feefo
Colombian House Coal TREBLES 25kg
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33 reviews 91% Feefo
Colombian House Coal DOUBLES - 25kg
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29 reviews 97% Feefo