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About Us

Britain's Premier Solid Fuel Suppliers

As the UK’s leading coal merchant, Coals2U is striving to make the purchasing of coal, solid and smokeless fuels online, or by telephone, as simple and hassle free as possible. Our range encompasses not only market leading smokeless fuels, such as Homefire or Phurnacite, a range of house coals such as Traditional, Premium Plus and Wildfire but also includes fantastic kiln dried logs, charcoal and fuel storage solutions.

We are the only online coal and firewood seller who will deliver your fuel direct to your coal bunker or log store, regardless of where you live in England, Scotland or Wales.  We have 42 distribution depots located from Penzance to Inverness.  We even have depots on the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Skye.  Every other website you come across selling coal will either need you to collect it, will only deliver to a small area, or don't actually make the delivery themselves, instead having to rely on pallet delivery companies.

On our website we aim to provide all the best fuels, and all the facts. We’ve worked hard on our comprehensive product and information guides, to ensure that our customers are getting the very best. Not just from us, but from their fuel and appliances too.

Coals2U Homefire

CPL Distribution

Coals2U is part of CPL Distribution Ltd. The UK’s largest coal and solid fuel supplier, with over 42 coal depots nationwide. Our friendly and local service has helped us gain over 100,000 regular customers, who value us for the quality of our products and service

CPL manufactures the highest quality fuel products, and every batch is independently tested to ensure it is up to scratch. The CPL Distribution brand has now grown to include four fantastic online stores.

  • CPL Distribution - access the full range of products available from CPL depots - coal, firewood, charcoal and garden products. If it's in stock it's listed.
  • Coals2U - dedicated to providing the very best solid and smokeless fuels.
  • Logs2U - a diverse range of kiln dried logs, heat logs, softwood and hardwood logs.
  • Creative Garden Ideas - a huge range of garden products including compost, soil conditioners, bark and charcoal.

Want to know more about our 200 year history? Click here for our fascinating timeline.