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About Solid Fuels

What is Coal?

Coal is a combustible, sedimentary, organic rock (composed primarily of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen) formed from vegetation, which has been consolidated between other rock strata to form coal seams, and altered by the combined effects of microbial action, pressure and heat over a considerable time period.

Coal is generally classified by what is known as "rank" which is based on the degree of transformation of the original plant material to carbon. The ranks of coals, from those with the least carbon to those with the most carbon, are:

Low Rank Hard Coal
Lignite Bituminous
Sub Bituminous Anthracite

Where is Coal Used?

Different types of coals are used for different purposes because of the heat that they produce or their chemical make up. In general terms, coal that is used in domestic or industrial heating is anthracite. From this, smokeless fuels are also produced.

What is a manufactured/smokeless fuel?

Smokeless Fuel is fuel that complies with the guidelines laid down in the clean air act, producing less than 5g of smoke per hour when burnt.  Smokeless fuel can be burnt anywhere in the country including smoke control zones.

Anthracite is a naturally occuring smokeless fuel, which is extremely long lasting with a high heat output. 

Anthracite however, can be difficult to light and burns with a subdued flame and therefore, does not meet the needs of many consumers burning fuel on open fires or in glass fronted stoves who are looking for an attractive looking fire as well.  That is where manufactured smokeless fuels like Homefire come in. These manufactured fuels contain anthracite (to give the fuel its smokeless characteristics and long fire life) and a mixture of other "ingredients" such as house coal (to give a good flame and make it easier to light). In this way CPL are able to produce manufactured fuels that combine the best characteristics of different fuels to give a fuel that meets all the consumers needs

Why buy smokeless fuel?

  • Longer fire life and higher heat and therefore less refueling.
  • Created with the environment in mind – less smoke produced
  • Lower emissions – Usually around 20% less CO² than house coal.
  • CPL has one of the most carbon efficient manufactured smokeless solid fuels available as it uses a natural binder

Click here for more information on the benefits of smokeless fuel

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