Taybrite Smokeless Coal - 25kg prepacked Taybrite

  • Taybrite - 25kg prepacked Taybrite
  • Taybrite - 25kg prepacked Taybrite
  • Taybrite - 25kg prepacked Taybrite
Taybrite - 25kg prepacked Taybrite
Taybrite - 25kg prepacked Taybrite
Taybrite - 25kg prepacked Taybrite

Taybrite is an adaptable, economy smokeless fuel for use in roomheaters, multi-fuel stoves, and boilers.

Taybrite is easy to light, and provides a long lasting, controllable heat. It produces a low amount of CO2, and is capable of long periods of slumber.

Suitable for use in smokeless zones.

Heat Firelife Smoke Emissions CO2 Emissions Renewable Content Appliance
Multi Fuel Stoves, Boiler, Roomheater

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From Simon Lane on 27th February 2014
Used used Taybrite since we got our wodburner installed 3 years ago, we usually start the log burner going with small kindling with around 6 taybrite nuggets on top, we often have it going day and night and around 10 minutes before we go to bed we load it up with around 10 nuggets and let burn on low for a few minutes then close the air up and it lasts really well from around 10.30 until 8 the following morning and could go longer but we usually shake it up and then let more air in to produce more flames.
From on 3rd April 2013
Fantastic value for money, put half a bucket on to a well lit stove (burning wood to start with - for ease of lighting) and it will stay in all day giving out decent heat.
From theleveller on 14th January 2012
Burns reasonably well once it's going but I find it hard to light and slow to get going. Won't be buying it again.
From katcoll on 26th October 2011
we have used taybrite for a few years and it is a good and efficient fuel
From DanTranter on 25th January 2011
I bought a house this year which has a multifuel stove. Having previously only burned logs I decided to try some smokeless coal over christmas. I found Taybrite economical and much less hassle than logs. The only comment I would have is that it does seem to kick out the same heat as logs (flue temp generally lower) but then it burns for many times longer. In any case the good slumbering properties of Taybrite meant the room was toastie throughout a particularly bad cold snap here in the High Peak.

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Taybrite Smokeless Coal - 25kg prepacked Taybrite
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