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Fuel Price Comparison

The price of coal (UK) and smokeless fuels | Comparing other fuel types

In order to give you the most information when it comes to choosing your next product, we work hard to compile the very latest figures on a wide range of solid fuels.

Price is often the most important aspect in most people's minds, and rightly so, as we all look to save our pennies. But when it comes to coal, in particular, this initial price needs to be weighed against the quality and performance of the individual product. For example, a cheaper coal may burn quicker, and provide less heat for your house. You'll then have to re-stock a lot quicker than you would have if you had purchased the better quality coal for a few pounds more in the first place.

Comparative total costs for space and water heating an average sized three bedroomed semi detached house in England, Wales and Scotland.

Fuel Type

Total Annual Heating Cost (£)

UK Housecoal 1295
Phurnacite 1338
Electric standard 1689
Gas 964
LPG 1536
Heating Oil 1266

Summary of comparative total costs for space heating an average sized room in England, Wales and Scotland.

Fuel Type

Total Annual Heating Cost (£)

House coal 483
Homefire (open fire) 452
Homefire (multi-fuel stove) 257
Wildfire 385
Electric standard 327
Gas (Decorative Effect) 712
LPG (Decorative Effect) 1070

What's the Best Value Fuel?

Due to its high efficiency, and long burning times, Homefire is arguably the best value fuel available for solid fuel burners. On a multi-fuel stove the efficiency is increased further and the cost of heating a room (which often provides enough heat for the whole house) breaks down to just £257 a year. On an open fire, Homefire still represents great value, particularly when compared to Gas or LPG. 

Homefire and House Coal Efficiency

The efficiency of each fuel is important to keep in mind, as you want to get the most of the fuel when heating your home. With regards to fuels for open fires, Homefire is clearly ahead of ordinary housecoal - with 37% heating efficiency compared to 28%. If you were to use Homefire for your multi-fuel stove then the efficiency of the product would leap to 65%.

Homefire Prices

The price obviously plays a major part. Due to the significant difference in heating efficiency, over the course of the year Homefire comes out on top as the cheapest fuel. This is due to the excellent sustained heat output of Homefire, and the long lasting burning time, which can be up to 40% longer than traditional housecoal. This means that you not only save money, but spend a lot less time adding more fuel to your fire.

Our solid fuel experts strongly recommend Homefire, and have been doing so for over 40 years. As the market leading smokeless coal it generates 80% less smoke, and 25% less CO2 than housecoal.

  • Sustained heat output.
  • Lasts 40% longer than traditional coal.
  • Environmentally friendly with reduced smoke and CO2 emissions.
  • Great flame picture.
  • Very clean with little ash left behind.

Visit the Homefire product page today to place your next order of this great value fuel