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Coal Nottingham

Looking for top quality coal in Nottingham? CPL Distribution's coal products website, Coals2U, supplies a wide range of coal products suitable for a range of domestic and commercial appliances. Our extensive range of products include smokeless and non smokeless fuels, traditional coal, kindling, firelighters, logs, lighter fluid and coal storage bunkers, so you're sure to find just what you need. Coals2U offer FREE home delivery in Nottingham, so you don't need to worry about carrying heavy bags of fuel home.

Wildfire - 50kg open sack
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  • The New Super Coal
  • Great Value - Burns for longer and more efficiently than house coal
  • Environmentally friendlier - 20% less CO2 emissions than regular house coal
  • Attractive - Excellent flame picture
  • Convenient - Easy to light and spits less than house coal
  • For Open Fires
  • 50kg Open Sack - For tipping into a bunker or store
Ecoal50 Smokeless Fuel 25kg Bag
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The Most Environmentally Friendly Smokeless Fuel for Open Fires & Multi-Fuel Stoves

  • Hot - Generates 38% more heat than coal
  • Burns Longer - Easily stays in overnight
  • Greener - Made of 50% renewable materials
  • Cleaner - Produces 40% less CO2 and 80% less smoke
  • Smokeless - Approved for use in smokeless zones
  • HETAS Approved - Safe & Fit for Purpose
Stoveheat Premium - 25kg prepacked
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  • Great alternative to premium anthracite
  • Powerful - Long Lasting with good heat output and low ash
  • Competitively priced - against premium anthracite
  • HETAS Approved - Safe & Fit for Purpose
  • Smokeless - Approved for use in Smoke Control Zones
  • For Roomheaters, Cookers & Boilers
  • Only available to CPL Distribution (Coals2U) customers
Homefire Ovals Smokeless Coal
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  • Powerful - high radiant heat output
  • Convenient- long fire life and long refuelling intervals
  • Environmentally-friendlier - lower CO2 emissions than coal
  • Economic - longer burning equals lower cost
  • Compact - a hard fuel that doesn’t break up easily
  • Slow Burning- burns steadily (slumbers) for hours
  • Smokeless - for use in smoke control zones
  • For use on Open Fires and Multi-Fuel Stoves