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Coal Leeds

Looking for top quality coal in Leeds?

CPL Distribution's coal products website, Coals2U, supplies a wide range of coal products suitable for a range of domestic and commercial appliances to people and businesses in the Leeds area.

Our extensive range of products include smokeless and non smokeless fuels, traditional coal, kindling, firelighters, logs, lighter fluid and coal storage bunkers, so you're sure to find just what you need.

Coals2U offer FREE home delivery in Leeds and throughout the UK, so you needn't worry about carrying heavy bags of fuel home.

Plastic Coal Bunker (Black) 600kg

Plastic coal bunker for sale.  This durable plastic bunker has a larger capacity of 600kg/10cwt of solid fuel. Also ideal for storing salt or grit. This Plastic Coal Bunker is delivered pre-assembled as one unit with an integrated base.

Lionheart Large Coal - 50kg open sack
Bulk buy

Large housecoal - Long flame, low ash - Not suitable for burning in Smoke Control Areas

Homefire Ovals - 50kg open sack
Bulk buy
  • Powerful - high overall radiant heat output
  • Convenient- long fire life and long refuelling intervals
  • Environmentally-friendlier - lower CO² emissions than coal.
  • Economic - longer burning equals lower cost.
  • Compact - a hard fuel that doesn’t break up (degrade).
  • Slow Burning- burns steadily (slumbers) for hours
  • Open Sack Delivery - Tipped straight into your coal bunker